About Us


We believe that success comes from the strength of our relationships between people who share a vision for a better future and have taken time to learn about each other. We highly appreciate the close relationship we’ve been maintaining with our partners over the years’cooperation . We choose to work only with the exclusive partner in one region policy to protect trust and mutual respect, we will not conduct business that we feel does not practice ethical and moral business practices.The continuous successes on projects make Ethostone and its partners strengthen their positions over the market which lead to a mutual sustained growth.


                  · Approach every situation as an opportunity to earn trust

                  · Interpret partners' need accurately and show a supporitive attitude

             .Work hard and never stop before perfect to exceed their expectations

 Being responsive and always following through is how we do business. We actively serve our customers by developing new products, providing a quick response on all quotes, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise before or after a contract. Every member of our sales, products, and service team can be reached by email or phone 7x12 hours.