About Us

•Products&ServicesEthostone excels at shaping the finest architectural stones and flooring products for largescale projects worldwide,along with its subsidiary Everlastone focusing on artificial stones sector, with a passion for art, architecture, trending, ET curates and creates the most innovative surfaces for architects, designers and artisans to create truly exceptional spaces. ET has been earning its reputation by its remarkable capability of working on bespoken comprehensive and intricate projects, and the smooth communication ability in the international market.

•Our ProfessionalsThe company introduces a team of dedicated specialists including surfaces designers, engineers, sales consultants who have great passion to deliver the extraordinary finishes in a most efficient and professional method, the experienced team oversee the projects from inception of an idea to its completion, they supervise the whole procedures to make sure all details are completed perfectly, we reflect as we are the end users of the products and services.Apart from expertise and obligation, integrity is considered the foremost quality we are looking for in our specialists, it is the comprehensive quality that keep our team standing up for what is right for clients and the company.

•Partnering with Uswe sustains and highly appreciate the close relationship with our clients, these relationships translate into a better understanding of how to exceed clients’ needs, we understand that trust is the fundamental element for any business, clients will judge our performance by the last job we deliver, a single failure will ruin the trust and our reputation, all previous well-completed jobs will become meaningless , this sort of mindset is the underlying reason why ET has continuously succeeded in projects which make ET and its clients strengthen their positions over the market that lead to a mutual sustained growth.Contact us to see what ETHOSTONE can do for you.